I am Associate Professor and Chair of the Applied Ecology & Conservation group (AEC) in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the Environment Institute, at the University of Adelaide (CV; Biosketch).

I am also the Indo-Pacific, Australasia Editor for Biological Conservation; a Founding Director of the non-profit, ConservationDrones.org; and the Regional Technical Advisor for the Asia-Pacific Field Division of Conservation International.

Zurich, Fall 2011

Research within the Applied Ecology and Conservation group ultimately seeks to do good for society. A large part of our work focuses on addressing emerging environmental and socioeconomic challenges facing many nations, including land-use conflicts, carbon emissions, and threats to natural ecosystems and wildlife. We adopt a holistic, systems approach to evaluate the implications and tradeoffs of alternative land-use and development scenarios in relation to food and biofuel production, carbon storage and sequestration, conservation of forests, biodiversity and ecosystem services, and rural development.

We employ a variety of approaches including field-based studies and experimentation, and developing theoretical and computer simulation models to visualise future landscapes. We also develop and implement innovative approaches to collect data, and disseminate science and science-based decision-support tools to the general public.

Our group has partnered with more 110 colleagues from over 20 countries (e.g. Australia, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Panama, Singapore, Uganda, United Kingdom, United states). We have been collaborating with researchers from Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, Columbia University, Cambridge University, ETH Zurich, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We work with nongovernmental organisations, policymakers, industry, social scientists, environmental economists, computer scientists and software developers.

(Visit my University of Adelaide Homepage)

(Download CV)

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