Lian Pin Koh

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ZA6H1962In February 2014, I took up the position of Associate Professor and Chair of Applied Ecology & Conservation at the University of Adelaide. I helped establish and serve as Director of the university’s Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility, and Deputy Director of the Conservation Science and Technology Program. In addition to my university duties, I am also Founding Director of (a US-based non-profit), Regional Technical Advisor for Conservation International, Editor-in-Chief of Cogent Environmental Science, Editor of Biological Conservation¬†and Editor of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group).

I manage an international research group of approximately 8-10 students, postdocs and research assistants at any one time. Research within my group addresses emerging environmental and socioeconomic challenges, including land-use conflicts, carbon emissions, and threats to natural ecosystems and wildlife. We employ a variety of approaches including fieldwork, experimentation and computer modeling. Our overarching goal is to produce useful new knowledge to inform land-use decision and policy making.

Our group has partnered with more than 110 colleagues from over 20 countries (e.g. Australia, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Panama, Singapore, Uganda, United Kingdom, United states). We have been collaborating with researchers from Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, Columbia University, Cambridge University, ETH Zurich, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We also work with nongovernmental organisations, policymakers, industry, social scientists, environmental economists, computer scientists and software developers.

Media highlights: TEDGlobal talk | WWF Fuller Symposium | National Geographic feature

Please visit my University of Adelaide webpage for more information.